Our Services


play dates

Regular socialization is a significant part of canine behavior and is highly recommended for their mental health, physical exertion and consistent engagement. 

Fetch offers organized, kennel-free play, as well as specializing in pups needing some attention with proper socializing skills.  We are a TLC based “pawsitive” play environment where they can safely learn natural social behaviors, all while getting their wiggles out.

Dogs will receive hours of adult supervised play time. We offer indoor access to our "rest" area located off the main play yard when the dogs need a break from the pack or the elements. In addition to our main facility, we have three vast fenced-in play yards for endless running and romping. We also love to take hikes on our miles of trails located throughout our 50 acres.

Sleep overs

For our owners traveling out of town or needing overnight care, we offer kennel-free boarding for our furry friends. All our dogs are treated like family for the duration of their stay, meaning you will commonly find our fur friends cuddled on the couches or even dog-piling on the human beds. However, for dogs who prefer their crates through the night, we can accommodate their needs as well.

Dogs are asked to bring their own food and any medicines or special needs. Fetch will provide the rest (beds, toys, treats, etc) to make the most comfortable stay for all dogs.

*We do ask that dogs are not sent with personal beds or blankets, as this will help keep our friends from marking or getting testy over their favorite things.

pick-up and drop-off service

 Our pick-up and drop-off service is no additional charge as long as the location is within our typical pick up area (greater Park City) and floats somewhere in our typical time windows. The windows are between 8:30-10:30 every morning and 3:30-5:30 every evening (weather and traffic pending). You may choose to have your pup picked up or dropped off on either end of the day. If you choose to have your pup dropped off in the afternoon at the end of an overnight stay then you will incur a daycare fee. We offer this service every day of the year including major holidays. Please call/text or email to inquire about special or specific pick-up and drop-off circumstances.



Fetch offers all dog play dates and sleepovers on-site at the ranch. However, if your fur family member is better solo or in the comfort of their own home, we are happy to provide you with an in-home staff member or referral to best match your needs. (Limited Availability)


Though we do use training techniques daily with all of the dogs, Fetch now offers formal puppy and dog training sessions onsite. Sessions are conducted by Jennifer Shreve. Jennifer spent 2 years in school at Sterling Kennels to become a certified dog trainer. She was the dog trainer for Petco for 3 years prior to coming to Fetch. She uses a positive reinforcement method. Each session lasts an hour and will be followed by an update to you on progress and homework. Please contact us for availability and questions.


Fetch provides grooming services which include baths, brush outs, trims, nails, bums, ears and teeth. Please call/text to reserve services with Heather 435-503-0348


We all love our fur kids but we also lead busy lives, and sometimes we are so busy it’s hard to find the time to give them the care they need and deserve.  Stress no longer, Fetch has you covered with our concierge services!  We can assist with:

  • Veterinary Appointments

  • Transportation to therapy @ The Dog Dive

  • At home medicine administration (long-term care, temporary or preventative)

  • Text/Email reminders of your pet care needs

  • Pet Airport Transportation

  • Dog Food or Pet Product Shopping & Delivery

  • Vacation Rental Guest Pet Services

  • Wedding Accommodations